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LesbianVi wrote: »
you hyped too much I got one for my cute Elin :p

PS: I loved this anniversary event, half price race change and I turned to that Cute Elin, Cute hat checked, Cute Mount checked, Cute 75% of costume on sale checked, Cute Uinty Stole checked, also add Cute wings too, she has it. So yeah, the most rewarding anniversary event by far.

Nice screenshot!
Tenshi1 wrote: »
All the blood, sweat, and tears I put into the grind has finally payed off

I finally got my stole :D

I've wanted one these babies since I first saw them, and with my luck I was never able to win a raffle

Thank you EME <3

Looks fantastic! Congrats.
Seriously is this what this game has come to we are omg excited over a cosmetic , not clearing a hm or getting a rare achievment but looks smh

Everyone enjoys different things about the game. That's part of what makes TERA amazing.
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