The only advise I can give here: Grow iron bark my friends. It will help if in this life :pleased:

Sorry to see you caught so much flak from party members. Especially when things get competitive, you'll always have irate or bossy players telling you to play better or do things the way they want. Growing thicker skin is one way to separate yourself from the random drama, and ignoring the random person that's flaming you often just ends up with them stopping and bothering someone else instead. Still... it's unfortunate that people take attitudes like this in online games (not just TERA, I don't think I've played any online game with chat where this isn't a thing).

The best thing you can do to make TERA a positive community is to try and stay positive yourself, focus on the parts of TERA you enjoy most, and ignore the haters.

Saying all of that... there's a line between jerkiness and harassment. If you ever feel like you are being truly harassed by another player, report them to customer support and include as much detail about the harassment as possible.