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YF5KJCL6E9 wrote: »
It's definitely up for everyone?

I tried to play for the first time in a while today and kept getting ffff:ffff errors. Realized I was trying to log on during maintenance. Now it's over and I'm still getting that error. Does it take a while to come back, or is it an unrelated problem?

That is unrelated to the maintenance. Try this guide to resolve your issue!
Sorry, folks. The maintenance has been extended. Ops says it will probably be less than another hour.
Partner wrote: »
Ok its almost 12 and it still says unavailable when I try to log in for me. But server shows that the pop is high...so is it me or they still down?

It's only 10am PDT. Maintenance is still scheduled for another hour.
The Operations team has requested a 4-hour maintenance window to do their thing. They don't anticipate it going longer, but we wanted to let everyone know ahead of time so they can plan accordingly.
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