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LXM6H9H4JH wrote: »
@Spacecats (Or whoever may know the answer) The twitch stream talked about the boxes being added on Monday, with them and the current items being all in Tikat's store until the 14th, upon which they'll be moved. The OP talks about the lootboxes being added on the 14th, with the current items being moved then and the lootboxes staying until Jan 16.

Which of the two scenarios is what will actually happen? Did I simply misunderstand the stream or is the OP wrong?

The 14th is when the loot boxes will go in the store. They'll be in the Fed. Bill shop for about a month. Not sure what was said about Monday so I apologize if I misspoke or wasn't clear during the stream. The message and dates in this thread are what you should go by.
LilMsQTay wrote: »
Ah okay, well no need to put in that ticket that I wasn't receiving my log in reward for the last 3 days.
So that's going away? Or are we going to get fashion coupons as a log in reward?

There just won't be a login reward sent to parcel since Fashion Coupons can already drop from BAMs. That also factored into the removal of the Fed. Bill store - yet another daily login thing to track. Not having them actually simplifies things for the TERA team so that the existing daily rewards can more easily be focused on.
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
Can we get some clarifications please?

1) The loot boxes from the tera store that will be added to the federation bill store will be temporary as in they will be removed on the 16th january or the items themselves will be temporary expiring eventually?
2) What will happen after 16th january? are we going to see another batch added to the federation store lasting another month or that was it and the federation bill store will actually be removed?

p.s. i am not sure if you actually care about our home planet but you are definitely good at recycling ^^

The loot boxes will be added until the shop closes, at which point the current contents (without loot boxes) will be moved over to the Fashion Coupon store until further notice. Think of it like a close-out offer by Tikat, and a way to use up your Fed. Bills if there isn't anything in the store you're currently after.

It's clear from the comments that a lot of you had high expectations for this store in particular, but as the TERA team reviewed the whole purpose behind the Fed. Bill store (and this has come up many times since I started at EME) is a little muddled. Our region treats Fed. Bills differently than any other region, and the items that players can get from the store aren't really game-changers.

The comments I see that are upset about the shop closing seem like they really just want a shop in the game that's worth spending Fed. Bills on because nothing in there right now does that. It wasn't an easy decision for the product team to make, but trust me that the fewer stores and currencies we have in-game, the easier things are to manage and do fun things with in the future.
Well, we’re sad to say that Tikat has decided it’s time to pack up the shop and move on to care for his loved ones. As such, there is a transition plan in the works and YOU get to help with it!

  1. As of yesterday (11/30), the daily allotment of (5) Federation Bills will no longer be arriving in your mail on login.
  2. We will be launching a poll shortly to vote on your favorite loot boxes from the TERA store, which will be added to the Federation Bill store for a limited number of weeks starting on December 14th.
  3. Also on December 14th, all items from the existing Federation Bill shop will find a new temporary home in a new tab in the Fashion Coupon store. One thing that will remain in the Federation Bill Shop is the 1-to-1 conversion purchase of Fashion Coupons for Federation Bills (i.e., 1 Fashion Coupon will cost 1 Federation Bill, non-refundable!), so the prices will be exactly the same as they are today, albeit in Fashion Coupons instead.
  4. Around January 16th, the loot boxes that were added on December 14th will be removed from the Federation Bill shop, leaving only the conversion to fashion coupons

Use of the Fashion Coupon shop will be temporary, although some things may find a permanent home there if they make sense.

-Spacecats and Seandynamite
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