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Final Update: Servers are back up, rewards should be live on all servers, and the TERA Rewards Emporium available again!
Update: The TERA Rewards system has a patch, we are creating a build, and it is looking like we will have some downtime tomorrow to update TERA. Once that goes live, we'll turn TERA Rewards back on!
We may have a fix for the exploit. We're currently testing it, and when I have a date for when the deploy will happen, I'll let you all know.
Some people have been asking about Points and Credits for TERA Rewards while the system is offline. Don't worry, you're still earning them even though the Emporium is closed. Credits will be able to be redeemed from Item Claim once things are back to normal, and until then will say "This character is unable to claim that item."
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news this morning, but as a result of some exploits, we have taken the TERA Rewards program and TERA Rewards store offline. We are continuing to investigate and look for a permanent resolution to address this exploit. When we can confirm that the exploit is patched and will not work, we will bring TERA Rewards back.
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