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One more thing, if build versions eventually align and the overall situation is favorable to do so, we will definitely re-evaluate the potential for cross-play. We recognize the upside of it and agree that as an MMO, TERA would generally benefit from more players sharing the same environment.

I don't think anyone can deny that playing on PC then picking up where you left off on a console in your bedroom or at a friend's house is just plain cool and convenient.
I wanted to clear up some inaccuracies in the OP/source as well as clarify a few things:

Content Parity:

The console version will not be up to date with PC and will in fact be several versions back. The exact build we're launching with for console is not yet locked down. The developers will need to pick a version and stick to it in order to refine and polish it ahead of release, as well as iron out any technical issues. This makes it impossible for the console version to be in sync with PC, at least at launch. Our ongoing goal of course is to eventually bring them as close together as possible in terms of content and build version.

Cross-Platform Play:

It is, in part, due to the lack of content of parity detailed above that cross-platform play will not be possible at launch.

Also, as many have alluded to, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One do not play together so even if we were able to offer cross-play we'd need to leave one platform alone on an island. This is not ideal either.

PC Version:

Development on the PC version will continue, as will En Masse's service of the game on PC in North America. There are plenty of updates still coming this year, as well as some exciting stuff in the works for 2018 as well.
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