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Quick update - three items appear to have been changed by the developers. We're getting the correct info to the EM crew now so the guide can be updated. Basically Talismans of Lakan, Badges of Loyalty, and Lakan's Banners actually dismantle into Metamorphic Emblems, NOT Entropic. The rates are significantly higher as well (but mind you things also tend to have higher prices in the metamorphic shop vs the entropic shop).

At the end of last week, we shared some documentation and information regarding the upcoming gear progression changes with select community members with the intent that they could help us build more comprehensive and player-friendly guides that can be linked to in an official capacity by En Masse through the TERA site. This is a new kind of collaboration that we’re excited to work on and we think it will benefit all TERA players. Unfortunately, some of the information from these documents was leaked to a wider audience than originally intended. In the interest of transparency and making sure that there’s a level playing field out there for everyone, I am sharing the dismantling rates for NA TERA today.

I’ll explain a few things in short here, but know that there are more in-depth descriptions coming to you later this week.
  • Our dismantling numbers (as I pointed out in my Twitch Q&A) are very different from all the other territories. These rates were created by the design team based on the amount of existing materials in our economy. Prices in the Emblem shops are different as well.
  • Entropic Emblems – what are they?! These open one of the new shops that you can access to buy enchanting materials. Dismantling these older materials will give you Entropic Emblems.
  • Some items in the list have the word “Depleted” in front of them. These items can no longer be used for enchanting or crafting – they can only be dismantled. In their place are new items that can be used for enchanting or crafting.

On Thursday and Friday of this week we will be sharing more information, including a complete video walkthrough of how the new enchant and upgrade system works, and what it will mean to you before and after the patch goes live next Tuesday, October 10th.

Thanks so much and see you later this week!


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