We ask you why we get no response on the forums, and you tell us EME uses multilpe methods, THEN when we do use those alternative methods you say the official method to submit feedback is on the forums.

In all fairness, each one is used for separate things, so ultimately the answer is both.
I am way more active in our EME Discord, and if you Ping me through that and I am in the office at the time, I'm usually really good about replying to all of those questions.

If it's not a general question, and more a request to the Community Team, the Production Team, or something that requires some development on Bluehole's part, the preference has always been on the Forums.

This way, the suggestion / request is seen by multiple players, each are able to provide feedback on the idea, and we can easily Link to the discussion that took place ( for additional visibility ) , allowing all of the above Teams to read both the suggestion and the feedback it received.