The recent increase in gameplay-affecting lag spikes have been truly frustrating for players and the TERA staff at EME alike. We have been working with our technology partners and the game’s developers to identify possible root causes since the issues began in May. Though we’ve not yet identified a root cause, we do have some hypotheses as to what might be causing the recent issues.

To help support our investigation and build a case that we can escalate to the appropriate parties, we continue to require supporting data from players. If you experience a gameplay-disrupting lag spike, we ask that you please submit to us the following information in an email to “”:

Internally, our Operations team is collating the data you provide and corroborating it with their own monitoring tools to get a better sense of what’s happening in the TERA server environment at the time these lag spikes occur. While our monitoring hasn't revealed any corresponding network events surrounding recent reports of lag spikes, identifying any impact on the server environment when lag spikes occur will be essential to finding the cause and ultimately arriving at a solution.

It’s important to note that you will not receive a direct response when submitting the information above. We are not using this data to address player-specific issues on a case-by-case basis. Instead, we are looking at the aggregated data to help identify the larger root cause of the recent issues.

The Product and Community teams at En Masse recognize the severity of these issues and remain diligent in monitoring community reports of them. We have established a regular meeting internally to review community reports and raise awareness around the current volume and severity of community reports involving network stability.

I know this is not the update many of you were hoping for, but I wanted to provide the community some transparency into our current efforts and encourage you to continue providing the above information to “”. It truly is helpful to our ongoing investigation of these issues. We appreciate your continued patience and support.