Hi everyone. Please let me first take a moment to introduce (or -re-introduce) myself. My name is Araya, and I rejoined En Masse about two weeks ago as the Manager of Customer Support. I was with En Masse as the CS Manager from before TERA launched through March of 2016. I jumped at the opportunity to rejoin this amazing company and wonderful people, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help make your gaming experience better.

At the moment, support for TERA is not where we need it to be. Wait times are FAR longer than acceptable. As of today, we have some tickets that are two weeks old. That’s not alright, and I know that very well. We’re working hard to bring the queue down and good progress has been made recently on that, but I also want to share some of the initiatives En Masse is working on to improve the quality of care that we provide:

- We are bringing on additional support staff. They are in training right now, and will begin contributing to the effort in a week or so. You’ll see some new GM names in the signature lines of ticket responses, and probably in-game from time to time as well.
- We are prioritizing “show-stopper” issues. This means tickets regarding issues that are preventing someone from even being able to get into the game are getting a higher priority than other issues, such as race change costume swaps. When we are more caught up we will go back to a first come / first serve basis for tickets, but for now this is what we decided made the most sense.
- We are streamlining the process of reporting issues in the game to the production staff as well as making sure we’re clear about the impact those issues are having on players.

We want every member of the TERA community, both new as well as veteran, to know that we’re committed to getting support back to the level that you expect from us. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and understanding.