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Looking into this myself, what you have stated is currently displayed ( at least on PSN EU ) , showing Founder's Pack in front of all types of purchases, including EMP and Elite...

This was not intended, and is a display / typo issue.

The standalone EMP purchases and Elite Status purchase do not offer any tiers of Founder's Pack.
@CobaltDragon Can you confirm/deny the currency packs/month of elite grants founders access as the info on PSN currently has founders pack in the description.
Can you provide a Screenshot, and also state if you are viewing the Store for NA / EU ?
J57LR39EYA wrote: »
Can you please make founders with just early access for like $15. It's not too late.
I think it's past the time frame, unfortunately...
A new Package would need additional testing and approval by both Sony / Microsoft.
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