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Hi there, everyone. This post has gotten a bit out of hand. We'll be making an official statement on this later today, but in the meantime, I'll be closing this thread.
Manjuh wrote: ยป
So EME doesnt wanna speak about this leak and exploit and players who got rich with it now?

Any results from any investigation into what took place wouldn't be shared publicly anyway. Again, remove the tinfoil hat. Conspiracy theories are incorrect.
Remove the tinfoil hats. As I stated in the original post, EME did not create these ratios; nor did any players. The conversion rates were created by the BHS design team BASED ON THE AMOUNT OF MATERIAL IN THE CURRENT ECONOMY. NA TERA players have A LOT MORE materials in their possession than the other territories, by incredible amounts.

Again, let me repeat that for anyone that doesn't understand:

EME did not create the conversion rates. The BHS design/dev team did and passed it along to us, and today we passed it along to you.
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