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Halrath wrote: »
Affirmative. Same mechanics, different loot tables.

This looks pretty cool. If it is the same as EU, they were granted free blue noctenium for the duration of being in the dungeon, could we get a confirmation if our version will have that as well?

Quick edit: will the bone dragon as chance loot be Royal as well? Currently it doesn't have the prefix, or -fury suffix.

He is not Royal, but can grant the draconis rex skill. Let's see if you guys can get to it.
Sorry, I'm a bit confused. When it says Darkan drops ALL and has 2 noct drops, is it like a jackpot event? Is it RNG where all can drop but none might? It'd be nice if we had clarification, thanks! @Halrath

Sorry about that. Copy pasta error. Darkan drops 750 noctenium, guaranteed.

The stuff that says "chance to drop" is the only stuff that ISN'T guaranteed.
Maybe we have OTHER plans for August... Mwahahaha.
Affirmative. Same mechanics, different loot tables.
The Sky Cruiser Endeavor returns to TERA, this time in its most extreme mode!

Starting Tuesday, August 1 at 10 a.m. PDT through Tuesday, August 15 at 10 a.m. PDT, the Sky Cruiser Endeavor will take all comers. The mobs are tougher than ever, but the loot is particularly sweet.

Find one of the bookies at Bamarama in the Freeholds to buy a Sky Cruiser Endeavor Extreme ticket, then talk to Minkal the Cruise Director (also at Bamarama) to wing your way to the Sky Cruiser. You can enter with a party of up to 5 players once per day (twice, if Elite) to take your shot at terrific rewards. Each boss drops loot that everyone in the party will receive. Defeat Darkan for the most rewards.

Putrion drops all this:

Noctenium Infusion ×250
Ominous Ore ×10
Tier 12 Feedstock ×25

Perimos drops all this:

Noctenium Infusion ×500
Ominous Ore ×20
Tier 12 Feedstock ×50
Lakan's Scale ×2
Follower's Supply Crate ×1

Darkan drops all this:

Noctenium Infusion ×750
Ominous Ore ×30
Tier 12 Feedstock ×75
Goddess Tear ×5
Lakan's Treasure Chest ×1
Noctenium Infusion ×500
Talisman of Lakan x1
Badge of Loyalty ×2
Lakan's Banner ×2

In addition, Darkan has a chance to drop:

Design: Addleblade
Design: Bogglestick
Design: Bowsprout
Design: Cankera
Design: Deathscythes
Design: Gulfmoon
Design: Mess Call
Design: Pockmarker
Design: Pummelettes
Design: Rattlemaster 300
Design Strevortex
Design: Swirlstar
Design: Vex & Bedevil
Flying Skill: Bone Dragon
Flying Skill: Royal Diamond Dragon
Smart Dyad Niveot Structure
Empowered Pinkalicious Innerwear
Fitness Pinkalicious Innerwear
Fortified Pinkalicious Innerwear
Insulated Pinkalicious Innerwear
Performance Pinkalicious Innerwear

It’s all yours for the taking, if you’re up to the challenge!
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