Why did this forum go this way? we are here to say thanks to someone who is doing his job well. Heya space dude, thanks for fixing FF last night. <3 all the best catsy.

The server recovery was actually thanks to our Operations crew. Any time a server has trouble, they are alerted to investigate, come rain, sleet, or snow. It's a tough job! I'll relay the "thank you" to them. I know it's sometimes ambiguous when it comes to who exactly tackles which specific problems on the TERA team, mostly because there are people on the team that would prefer not to be in front of a camera or in the forums ;)

Since I'm the one you guys usually see most often I think it's an important reminder that I'm definitely not the only one passionate about making TERA as awesome as it can possibly be - all of En Masse is on board and trust me that they care a great deal about your guys' enjoyment of the game. I try to pass along your feedback, positive or negative, to the folks at EME that it impacts the most.

As for the shout outs on stuff I DO work on - thank you very much, guys. I'll do my best to continue improving in my role. Threads like these are an awesome encouragement and I appreciate the kind words <3 <3 <3

Don't be so down on the TERA community! There are so many awesome players out there that are positive and fun to be around, it would be a shame to forget them even when you see negativity. Not all complaints are bad, many are useful when they're constructive, and even those who are negative are still interested in seeing TERA at its best. Don't forget that you're all fellow players with a common love of the game.