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I am going to be really angry if they wipe all the names. I think the proposed solution is fair (and no, I don't really give a crap about the QQ from brawlers and ninjas for being new classes with less time. Y'all are already OP, stop your whining). I have 10 000+ hours on my main, and I switched to that class after 1.5 years of playing...so you can imagine how many hours I have on my account.

If they wipe names there's an 80% chance that I won't get time off work so I can rename my characters...and even if I could, WHY should I sacrifice a day of wages just for a name that I should already be entitled to based on how much I play this game?

I'm not gonna lie, I have a few alts with names that I love, and I won't be surprised if I don't get to keep them. But at least the classes that I actually enjoy playing will most likely be guaranteed to keep their name.

if you are actively playing you have nothing to worry about for name wipe.
Since it's being requested from the other thread, i'm making this one to talk about name conflicts from a merge.

right now the process will be this:
1. Clear character names on these servers that have not logged in for over a year.
2. During the merge, the character with the most time played preserves their name.
3. The other characters under a name conflict will be renamed to <name>_1. So if your name was "Zeus", and you were beat out by another Zeus, you will now be "Zeus_1".
4. Characters from #3 will have the chance to rename their character upon login.

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