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MoeBunny wrote: »
@Treeshark will people from other servers be able to transfer free to the new server?

meomeo26 wrote: »
So for the free server transfer, only AV people can get free transfer to the new server?

So, This is the new server transfering to AV. This is a one way trip.

Fey Forest in the lead right now, where my Savage Reach peeps at?
vkobe wrote: »
Yawgi wrote: »
Fey Forest is LIFE!

zozo or zolyn or paesyn are good name for a server B)

personally i prefer zozo <3

Our server names are named after zone names. Like Fey Forest, Savage Reach, Blessing Basin, Timeless Woods, etc..
Madoif wrote: »
So I noticed that the poll was changed. If I vote again will it count?

I don't know? Spacecats informed me that given Thrallhold's literal meaning, it was not a wise choice to have up there. Not sure what google will let you do though.
Treeshark wrote: »
Ginjitsu wrote: »
Savage Reach >.>? There's already a Tempest Reach :\

What about Colossal Ruins ;P?

But this one is more Savage.

Ginjitsu wrote: »
Savage Reach >.>? There's already a Tempest Reach :\

What about Colossal Ruins ;P?

But this one is more Savage.
First, thank you all for the feedback on the server merge on the forums. I also visited each of the three servers to talk with the players on them to get their feelings about the merge directly. . It was great to hear everyones opinions for and against the idea, but it was good to hear that it mostly aligned with the feedback already received from our internal feedback and the Player Council.

While we know this will not appease all the players, we are going forward with the decision to merge Highwatch, Lake of Tears, and Valley of Titans into a new server, which will be a new PVP65 server. This means that it will be a PvP server, but it will be purely PvE until you reach level 65. We will also allow free transfers from this new server to Ascension Valley after the merge takes place. Exact times and dates of the merge and the transfer window will be provided mid-August, but I can say that we are targeting an early September window for all of this. We hope by offering this free transfer window afterwards, you can see how the server feels to you, and at least give it a chance before transferring. We believe that the merger of these three servers will create one that is healthy and with a population even greater than any other server, even with this transfer window.

As far as name conflicts go, we are still following the process I outlined last week of doing a name wipe, and then any conflict will be automatically decided by which name had the longest playing time. All other details will be provided in the next week or two.

In the meantime, we will need to decide the new server’s name! Personally, I like Savage Reach, but Fey Forest has also been proposed by some players. I’ve collected available names to choose from, so please vote here! https://goo.gl/forms/XyHPaJMKDa3FAuWt1

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