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My first stop is going to be in Spring Valley, speaking with an NPC named Morick.

Once that is done, it's Ninja Time!
JGElin wrote: »
Nah, they just needed to buy more from all the local pet stores to get the big hamster wheels running.

We have the biggest and the best hamsters. Huge.
Pascalle wrote: »
We haven't had an update from @CobaltDragon, clearly the servers have exploded and EME are contacting their insurance agents :confounded:

Just finishing up the last few things on a very long checklist, then it's Go Time!
Natyumi wrote: »
Pascalle wrote: »
What time should we expect it to be done normally? Like 2 hours after start?

Cobalt said could be sooner

We are so close now. :awesome:
Tritonal wrote: »
Wait so is this Maint PST or PDT

It is in PDT. ( http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/usa/seattle )
JinxyKat39 wrote: »
I'm gonna guzzle coffee, maybe make some muffins later, because i know it's going to be closer to 4 hours than two. Good morning everyone!

Things appear to be right on track...
Dare I say that they might even be available early? :D
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