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We haven't been able to track down what is causing lag for everyone yet, but the information you are providing helps us.

We saw a spike this week in an error that happens when it takes longer than 5 minutes to get from logging into the launcher to getting into the game (authorization tokens expire after 5 minutes). We extended the timeout yesterday to 15 minutes and we are monitoring it today to see if that helps reduce that type of error.

We will continue to monitor the game servers and make adjustments to reduce disconnect errors.
Hi everyone. We are still looking into the number of disconnects that people are experiencing. I have a few questions:

1. Is TERA also taking a really long time to start?
2. Are you running Windows 10?
3. Do you have an exception in Windows Defender for TERA?
4. What are you doing in game when you disconnect?
5. Are you kicked completely out of the game or are you kicked to the server or character select screen?
LancerJiva wrote: »
I just dc'd 5 minutes ago in the open world. Wasn't doing anything at all. Playing from an hour from the servers, north of Chicago.

Thanks for posting. That info might help the situation.
Mazina wrote: »
This time round I am not getting disconnected. But it happened last week and the week before. It is a persistent problem. Something must be done on this matter.

If we're having trouble identifying the cause of today's disconnects, we almost certainly can't identify a disconnect from one or two weeks ago. There are a lot of things that can interfere with internet connectivity. All we can do for now is identify if today's problem has anything to do with TERA servers.

You see... the Internet is a series of tubes... and... ah, nevermind. We'll do whatever we can to solve this.
Sorry for the lack of response. This is something the ops team was looking into yesterday but failed to find a specific cause. TERA server stability was fine on our end, showing no spikes.

Is anyone experiencing this problem from inside the NA region? Because so many people seem to be having this trouble while playing from outside NA, It's possible that this is an overseas connectivity issue - ie a hacker blue whale swam into an underwater internet cable or something similar that we don't have any control over. I'll continue to check for updates in case there is some factor that has not been explored yet.
Is anyone still seeing the same issue as what was reported by the OP ? If yes, what is your geographical location ?
I'm having another department look into this, and will hopefully have more information to provide once they get back to me.
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