This issue was reported shortly after the Dragons were first introduced, and reported again shortly after the Phoenixes were added.

So far, I am under the impression that neither our Internal QA Department or Bluehole's QA Department have been able to solidly reproduce the issue in a Live Server or QA Environment.

When our players write in via Support Ticket, we generally ask the same types of questions, and then send the additional information over to these other Teams, in the off-chance some new piece of information ends up being what is needed to find the trigger.

Normally, this means that we have no immediate fix for those that write in...

Some players have mentioned that removing the flying dragon skill and adding it back has helped, while others have stated it has not.

Other players mentioned that it was resolved directly following a Maintenance.

For the sake of community transparency, I would ask all of you commenting within this Thread, to take a moment to think about what exactly was going on before the issue began, and then comment on as many of the following factors that you can think of :

- What Class were you playing on ?
- What Zone were you located in ?
- What type of Monster were you fighting ?
- What Skills were you using ?
- What Buffs did you have applied ?
- What time of day did it begin ?

If you have any additional factors that I have not thought to add, please feel free to include it, as it could be the one thing that we haven't asked that ends up leading to a resolution.

Also, if you are recording a video ( with the Passives still working) and happen to catch what triggers the Passives to stop working, that video would greatly help Bluehole's QA Team, and expedite the overall fix.