Let me be a little open and personal here.

I love me some PVP. I always roll characters on PVP servers in every MMO I play. And I will admit I have had my times where I came across a lower level character and I would gank them. I don't think there is anything wrong with that behavior.

However...I have also sat invisible on the bridge out of Lumbertown or at Bulwark Camp in Oblivion and watched level 65s spam spells at low level players. And yeah, that's not ganking. That's camping. And it's not fun for new players.

Treeshark made changes to shift away from low level PVP and to be more in line with BH's game design of max level outlaw. He did this because he believed it was better for the community at large and internally we agreed with him. He knew it would anger some, but he had to think about the new user experience. I wish the design could have allowed us to make the new user experience awesome without taking outlaw away from lower levels.