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Here's a GM event I held in June 2016. Eldermeow was a confused old man roaming TERA, asking players for assistance. Those who stopped were told broken memories from Eldermeow's past. The memories were hints at where and how to jog his memory. It turns out that clues were scattered across TERA from the old man's journeys, and that he'd slowly forgotten who he was.

As players located the clues, Eldermeow slowly regained his past and remembered that he was actually an ancient king. His crown had been stashed away within his pack the entire time!

Once Eldermeow's past was revealed, he once again donned his crown and rewarded his subjects with a special Kingly ceremony.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Baldurdash wrote: »
Random question, how do you guys feel about office visits, my friend and I are staying at a hotel nearby for a few days!

It doesn't happen too often, but maybe we can work something out! Shoot an e-mail to Community@enmasse.com and let us know what days you're interested in. :)
Aryix wrote: »
My post disappeared when I went to update a word that got filtered. I copy+pasted it and tried to repost but it didn't let me :c
Oh well, I'll update later perhaps if I feel like writing it again lol. Regardless, it has been an eventful 2~ years for me. Happy Annviersary to Tera.

The spam filter caught it for some reason. It's back now. :)
@Baldurdash you can always your new post until it looks the way you like it.

Check in https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/drafts - the one you were writing before might have auto-saved.
Killstyle wrote: »
Gonna post link and image because bbcode never seems to actually post a pic for me.

I fixed your post. If you use Imgur and the "image" tool in the forums, you need to get the actual link ending in ".jpg" and not just the Imgur page with the image on it.
Ceciella wrote: »
Is it okay to post some of our favorite videos like this one?

Yeah well it wasn't called "How to Die in FIHM" for nothing :p
Welcome to May 2017!

As you guys know, this month celebrates the 5th Anniversary of TERA. While a lot of you haven't been here for the full five years since TERA's launch (myself included), it doesn't take long in TERA to start forming your own story. There are bound to be a lot of awesome memories out there, and we want to hear about them! Post your screenshots and stories, share some excellent moments you've had in Arborea. I'll be adding some En Masse tales (and hopefully screenshots) from the staff throughout the course of the anniversary month.

We have a lot planned for the anniversary event-wise. News is still on the way regarding in-game stuff and those will have their own forum posts, so please keep this thread focused on remembering TERA and the interesting times you've shared among friends. <3

Here are some of my own screenshots I've collected to help kick things off:
One of my first GM characters.

The first time I summoned Tantibus (on the deck of the dreadnought, Kalivan was not happy)

Leading the charge! Monsters were nearby, and I was leading them to the battle. It was a long ride and people started suspecting I was lost. -_-
Eventually we reached Amena Quatla to find... a lot of lasers.
Perfect /dance sync. This is right after the HYDRATH costumes came out.
Secrets & Shadows launch day (the ninjas are all invisible).
Players happily enjoying an event featuring Darkan.
The core has been compromised. Allemantheia quarantined.
Testing Mongos for TERA Mongo: Neon.
My shining Slayer for the "Teach Me How to Slayer" stream.
Hansel. So hot right now. Hansel.
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