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TL;DR -> Hardening Eggs were never changed, and never meant to be a guaranteed dragon mount drop. Everyone in TERA gets an extra 10 Dragon Scales for the login reward for today.

Final followup post!

To provide a final capstone of clarity: There was no change to the hardening dragon egg item, its drop rate, or the way that system works to provide dragon mounts to players. The error was entirely a versioning issue between patch notes coming to EME from KR, and the resulting "new" notes causing confusion for people thinking it meant the system was changing.

In light of people's rightful concern about their expectations not being met with the drop table yesterday, I am adding 10 Dragon Scales to the daily reward for today.

Thanks again to everyone that has helped out on this issue, and I'll see you in game. (For those who were watching the stream, I'm up to iLvl 394, on my way to the magical 410 number.)
TL;DR: Egg going back in the shop, Dragon Scale section in patch notes deleted, still investigating refunding scale purchases.

So the dragon scale shop and the dragon scales came out for EME as a part of the Spellbound update. This was v48 for us here in NA, and we got this change nearly simultaneously with Korea, who were on v52 at the time. You may be able to see where this is going...

As a result, although there were no changes made to dragon scales in Sword and Hoard (v52) when it released this week, the patch notes indicated otherwise. That, combined with the patch notes not being clear about the drop chance for the dragon mounts, resulted in what we've got going on today.

I'm working with our internal teams to see about refunding the dragon scales spent during yesterday's window, so I will ask everyone to bear with me and not file CS tickets looking for dragon scale refunds right now.

I have also removed the Dragon Scale section from the patch notes, so no more confusion there.

Also as something I was hoping to be more of a GOOD surprise ... check the Dragon Scale shop again and see what's in there. I made some adjustments to the potion pricing as well as to the inventory. I hope everyone likes it.
Quick update for everyone on the dragon scales.
  • It looks like the change to the drop rate for the dragon mounts for the Hardening Eggs was a shift made in Korea previously, but we had already gotten that adjusted change here. I'm continuing to investigate if that's correct, and if it is, I'll update the patch notes accordingly.
  • the Health/bravery potions in the shop were the default costs that were sent across. I did this last night as an emergency update so that people could get the potions, as I saw they were in our test environments, but hadn't migrated to live. I'll be honest, it was several hours since I was supposed to be asleep and I didn't consider the prices very closely. I'm hearing the feedback on that, and I don't necessarily disagree.
  • There is no point 3.
  • Once I have a clear answer about the Hardening Egg, and I make sure that everything is aligned, I'll post that back here, as well as putting the egg back into the Dragon Scale Shop.
  • For players who spent their hard-earned scales in the shop yesterday thinking this was a guaranteed dragon mount: That sucks, and I am seriously sorry. I am working with our Ops and CS team to see what we can do on our end to make this right.
It took me a few minutes to double check I wasn't going to delete the wrong items from the wrong shops, but it should be showing bravery / health pots and no hardened eggs in the dragon scale shop now.
Hi everyone, I'm sorry to be late to this thread, but I was catching up on some work and caught wind of this. I have temporarily removed the Hardening Dragon Egg from the Dragon Scale Shop while we investigate the expected behavior on this. I've also gone ahead and added in the Bravery and Health potions that were supposed to go live in this shop with the release of Sword and Hoard.
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