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Dokibun wrote: »
You need to disable megaphones, that's what screenshots from EU have told us.

Megaphones are disabled in the EME version.
Kimberlyn wrote: »
So based upon the recent actions, will it be safer to play now that the chat is only Guild chat, if you can trust all of your guildmates?

That was our motivation behind leaving guild chat open, we figure players should have relative trust in their guildmates.
Beyond posting images in chat, it's unclear how much this affects players. A lot of the fear over this issue has come from various Reddit posts and other places, claiming the potential for hacks, viruses, and other things made possible. We want to take that seriously, of course, because if it proves possible it could affect players in a really bad way. So far, we haven't seen anything to that affect.

Rather than posting details about the hack in the forums, please DM @Denommenator, @seandynamite, or myself if you have information or you feel you were legitimately compromised due to some kind of game exploit. Screenshots always help!

Outside of those DMs I'd like to ask you guys to please refrain from giving details about proxies, exploits, hacks, etc... Please keep the forum rules in mind when posting. Thanks :)
Kimberlyn wrote: »
I just wanted to know, and get it out there, if this was real or not. I figured having the community speak on it on something other than disc would help some more.

The chat vulnerability seems real based on the reports we've seen. What's not clear is the extent to which it can be abused towards nefarious ends. We're investigating further and taking precautionary measures until we understand it better or have some fix for the vulnerability in place.
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