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Hi everyone!

Those who have been impacted by this issue, could you please send a support ticket with your character name and server, explaining what you did?


We need more background to send it over to Bluehole - thanks so much for your help!
I've followed up with Bluehole to ask about this issue. I'll let you know what they say.
Hi everyone!

It looks like @howrang44 already got an update on another thread, but let me put it here for you all to see:

seandynamite July 2
"The bug has been submitted to BHS to fix - when we have a fix ready we'll deploy it. That's all the info we have right now."

Thanks for your patience!!!
We have observed an issue in TERA that recently cropped up, where using a Race Change Voucher causes some skills for priests and slayers to become “unlearned.” This most notably includes all Awakened skills for priests, and “Apex Urgency” for slayers. Due to the way these are earned via quests, we are unable to re-add them to player accounts. So please note: don't use the voucher if you have one and you meet that class combination.

We are looking into a solution, and will inform you as soon as possible if we find one.
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