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fuzzyguard wrote: »
anything at all you can tell us about the maid costume then too? or is that "under wraps" like everything else was until the last moment? ; ;

Sure. It will also be on sale.
They'll be a sale item. Sorry if I was unclear.
Meningitis wrote: »
From the TERA 5th ani page:
"Over the last five years, we’ve shown you a bewildering array of weapon and armor styles, allowing you to customize your look and play style however you like. But for our fifth anniversary, we’re stepping up our game with three new armor skins, including brand-new, fan-requested full helmets!

The Ironward, Dawn’s Guard, and Night’s Watch armor skins wrap you in full-metal protection that never goes out of style. Available in brushed steel, white with crimson accents, and black, this practical armor is the perfect look for all your adventuring needs. You can also accessorize with a full helm and an eye-catching shield."

It doesn't say how we can acquire them and they don't seem to be in the shop.

They are coming as part of the celebration, but won't go on sale until later in the month.
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