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voidy wrote: »
Valkala wrote: »
EDIT - Please be more constructive with your comments.
Luckily the images speak for themselves.

That's why I left them up. The comment attached to them was just pure negativity without adding anything to discuss. I've removed multiple comments from this thread that are similar - people just venting anger and cynicism without adding any constructive feedback. I appreciate that StarSprite struck up the idea of listing items to add to the token merchant, because I've gotten some really good ideas from people who took the time to contribute (thank you guys!).

Meningitis wrote: »
@Treeshark Uhm...Uhm...I don't wanna complain but there's an item missing from the "old shop." There's no fashion coupon boxes. q__q;;

or are there
Magraal wrote: »
Smart Dyads wooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

oh. no, that was an oops.
rewards reverted to 2015. we're planning some other events and this just flew under the radar. my bad.
where did my post go
Rewards reverted to 2015.
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