Bug Fixes
  • The somewhat rare inventory issue that resulted in a server crash has been fixed.
  • Flying Mounts will now obey TERA's normal flying regulations and will once again start their descent as soon as the flying gauge has been depleted.
  • +10 or higher Misery, Deathwrack, Behemoth, and Oblit gear will now appropriately display within the Enchant sub-menu.
  • Twistshard Weapon / Armor's enchanting cost has been corrected to the intended values.
  • The TERA Game App will no longer crash when entering the game with certain enchanting effects.
  • Ruinous Manor > 2nd boss's pattern > fixed a display problem in the combat area when baby spider turns to sleep state.
  • The TERA Game App will no longer crash when gear option UI is opened while in combat.
  • Thaumetal Refinery > 1st boss's pattern no longer causes client crash.
  • Civil Unrest: Velika related NPC's showed up for work a little early. We've sent them home until its time to battle.
  • Gear enchanting / upgrade UI > gear level now appropriately displays in 000 / 000 format.
  • When receiving guild quest reward via parcel, parcel title section is no longer missing.
  • Item option selection UI > selecting an option and moving to a different tab no longer displays the previously selected option.

Known Issues
  • Selecting Upgrade menu while crystals are equipped will display Upgrade UI briefly.

* Please note that Xbox had already received these Bug fixes.