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Baldurdash wrote: »
So what happens if I purchased 4 character slots on both VoT and LoT? I end up losing 4 of them and having to delete half of my characters.

17k gold for a character slot is pretty cheap, just find someone selling emp and get the rest of the four that you need on only one server(vot or lot). Your max slots on one server will carry over.

But I do think that it is not a smart decision to award character slots -after- merge because you won't even be able to log in until you delete characters. @Treeshark @Spacecats

The characters only have to be set in a deleted state. Right now on our servers if a character is Level 40 or higher, if you try and delete it, it will just be greyed out but not actually deleted for 24 hours. If you set enough of these characters in this state, you can log in and activate the Additional Character Slots. You can then go back and undelete the characters you put in the deleted state that you want back. The minimum level will be lowered to 15 on this servers temporarily so more characters can essentially be saved without being auto-deleted.

Many of you have been waiting for the Producer Letter hinted during our Friday Twitch streams and forum posts. It's finally here! Treeshark gives an update on the status of TERA and the upcoming content you can expect in Autumn 2016:

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