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It's true I can't commit to saying anything about Fraywind right now except that we intent to continue running power hours and jackpot events for it. We've heard your feedback and have passed it along to Bluehole (multiple times, it's an ongoing discussion as new TERA builds are created). While there are some potential solutions coming down the line, I have no guarantees to give you or any timeline to hint at. Sorry I can't provide more.

Regarding community communication... sometimes the answer is "no" or "not yet" and I realize that sucks for people hoping for specific game changes. I get the criticism, but at the same time realize the communication people are actually looking for is "your wish is 100% granted" and as of right now that's not the case.
Koikoi wrote: »
You said EME is still pushing to get fwc un eq.

It's been 4months... you must have had some feedback good or bad from BHS regarding it.

Would be great if you would share with the community.

I agree. I'll talk to Noesis and see what we can share about the progress made on it.
YJGDCY4KHF wrote: »
Power hours.....Let me see if I can be constructive here.

This is a bandaid Noesis. Even with power hours people won't run Fraywind or CS as often as Kumas/ Iron battlegrounds. We need a system similar to the crusades if you honestly want PvP to return. There needs to be a reason to compete.

Bluehole has taken away the need to gear up in battlegrounds since everything is now equalised ( except team 3s but hey not like it pops often). Let's avoid Civil Unrest as well , that discussion is elsewhere.

Anyway back to the subject at hand. Power hours aren't worth doing if the PvP gear you can obtain from it is basically redundant. So there's only two suggestions I can offer.

Attempt to return fraywind to being un equalised (have an eq version for up to 64 , remove Kumas / Iron BG). Second and more importantly we need a leader board. With some form of reward for rank 1 - 3.

For example : Rank 1 - 2 Diamonds

Rank 2 - 5 Emeralds

Rank 3 - 3 Emeralds.

Don't. Jump on me. Add in your thoughts but I must request you be constructive.

Peace out guys.

Thanks for your ideas! We're still pushing to get FWC unequalized. We haven't forgotten about it. As far as Kumas and Iron BGs I know many PvP-focused players don't consider these to be actual PvP Battlegrounds. In your opinion do you think those who queue for Kumas to get credits and level their characters would otherwise be queued up for FWC?
Kimimishan wrote: »
(and as Spacecats just mentioned, they're actually counter productive since no one runs without it)

I think you kind of misunderstood my post. Power Hours help make it so players can coordinate around a set time to queue for BGs when they might otherwise be doing dungeons or who knows what. Nobody said they were counter productive.

That said, I do appreciate your credit store suggestions so thanks very much for the feedback!

Must type words in order to post.
It's true. As of 12:01 a.m. this morning not a single BG had fired for February.
While I don't have a news post up yet about it, there are definitely Battleground Power Hours going on this month! While I work on getting a news post prepared and uploaded, for those of you who want to know about today and the rest of the month, we maintain a google calendar here:
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