In an effort to identify new issues that have have been included following the Server Merge, please use this Thread to discuss them, as well as any large changes that were not communicated within the Patch Notes.

Last Updated : May 21st 2019

Player Reported Issues

Known Issues
  • We are aware that nearly all Group Dungeons are experiencing low performance. This issue has been reported to the Developer, and there will be a Hotfix coming as soon as possible.

  • Fashion Coupon Store has reverted to the default items on merged servers, and we'll work to get that shop updated before the weekend.

Resolved Issues
  • Players on PS4 EU's Meldita Server reported that they were not receiving purchased items from the TERA Store following the Server Merge. That issue was identified, and all purchases made during the effected time should now be delivered. (Please make a Support Ticket if this issue applies to you, and you have not seen your purchase delivered)