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Sydelle wrote: »
The system messages saying your catalysts will be deleted Feb 28th, are giving me anxiety...my bugged out catalysts are safe right?...I just hope I get to use them tomorrow.

Sorry, those were scheduled before we announced the change. I'll get that fixed.
DocWinter wrote: »
BTW, @Spacecats --I see that the solution for the event's awarding of only a single catalyst while leveling has been to send 3 posts with 1 catalyst each (after getting only 1 at 55 and 60, I got all 3 for 65 (in 3 separate posts)). Are the instances where we only got the one catalyst going to be remedied, or are we just out of luck? (Seeing as how the event is ending and cats are going **poof** and all. . . )

We're still trying to determine how many players were affected by that bug. It will be up to Noesis to determine whether or not any catalysts are given out as a result, but as of right now it doesn't seem like it amounts to much considering there were a number of other ways to earn catalysts throughout the event.
Thanks for posting about this, you guys. We WILL leave Kyra's Pop-Up Potion Shack up and running for an additional week. The event is still ending and no more catalysts will drop after tomorrow's maintenance, but players with existing catalysts will have a little extra time to redeem and spend them.
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