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No worries, EME as usual ignoring playerbase.

The implementation of Elite CCB and resulting changes to this feature are a 100% direct result of player feedback.

But how many people actually complained? They decided to get Elite KNOWING it would come with permanent complete crystalbind. As far as I am concerned, that's their fault. If they want two minuscule achievements that are only worth 20 points, they can not get Elite. Simple.

Some players want Elite and the ability to get the same in-game achievements as everyone else. This isn't a mistake on any player's part, just just an unintended consequence. There's no use in blaming players for getting (or already having) Elite status.
Why should everyone else who wanted the permanent crystalbind be punished for the ignorance of others?

This definitely isn't intended as any sort of punishment. This method has a single downside vs. the perma-buff, and that's having to click the Elite bar once every few hours of play. I won't argue that having to click a thing is more convenient vs. not having to click a thing, but it's a solution that doesn't punish anyone looking to complete game content that should be available to everybody.[/quote]
EDIT: Not to mention that those two achievements should have never existed. It's counter-productive and just encourages users to blow gold, which is already blown a lot with Arsenal, to replace their crystals.

While the achievements definitely aren't required it's a bit harsh to say they should't have ever existed. Not all game content needs to revolve around making gold and enchanting gear. If that's all there was to TERA we wouldn't need any of the awesome story moments or quests that make the game what it is.
Gunno wrote: »
No worries, EME as usual ignoring playerbase.

The implementation of Elite CCB and resulting changes to this feature are a 100% direct result of player feedback.
this is a terrible solution imo. manually using ccbs on every single one of my characters is the annoying part, the "free" ccb is negligible because they're already given out like candy.

The crystalbinds we're adding to the Elite bar will require players to use one every 3 hours. You'll need to click it less often than an Everful Nostrum and it won't take up space in your inventory.

The plan at the moment is to change the Elite status bar to add multiple Crystalbinds as daily consumables the same way you drink a potion, mount an Elite mount, or use a Gold Boost. We were concerned that we'd have to replace something (like Gold Boost) in order to do this but it looks like that's not the case.

This will solve the issue of giving Elite players all the CCB they need across multiple characters/servers, not clogging up inventories, and also allowing a state on non-CCB protection that will remind players of the harsh reality of broken crystals... oh and yes, you get an achievement for it.
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How many types of crystalbinds do we have already though. Aren't you just blocking up our inventory space. That's also obnoxious. There's no consistency in the type of crystalbinds we get.

There's actually a lot of different ones in the game. Sure we don't want to clog up inventories but ideally you're using the ones you get, right? If we switch to 3-hour versions, or 12-hour versions, you can always destroy ones you don't need. Again we just want to make sure Elite players have as many crystalbinds as they need. There's no benefit to hoarding extras you don't think you'll use in the future.
Hey all. After reading through everything posted, it looks like you all have a pretty good idea WHY the change is being made. Here's a copy-paste from the patch notes for context:
To unblock elite status players from gaining the “Imperfect Crystals” and “Ideal Crystals” achievements, we have changed how we deliver Crystalbinding to those players:
  • We have removed Continuous Crystalbind from elite status player accounts.
  • We have added four Complete Veteran Crystalbinds (6 hours) to the daily Elite Consumable Box so players can decide if they want to run with or without Complete Crystalbinds.

The TERA team agrees this isn't the ultimate solution, but we hated the idea that a feature/effect we added was actually blocking people from game content. That's literally one of the worst things we can do, even if it's really minor game content like an achievement. When the perma-crystalbind effect was added, we failed to take those achievements into account and it actually resulted in quite a few Customer Support tickets even if the topic was only brought up in the forums by a few people.

For those of you saying "just have CS unlock those achievements for players who want them" that's also not ideal. We never want to just create a problem that forever means more work for Customer Support. I'm looking at that team right now and they would absolutely TP my desk if that happened.

SO BASICALLY... the TERA team will keep working on the crystalbind situation. Please consider this a temporary fix for the achievement problem with a better solution coming in the next couple maintenance windows.

The end goal is to give Elite players all the crystalbind they could ever want or need in a way that isn't tradeable to other players (because that would be OP). A special Elite-only toggle in the options would be pretty sweet but would need more time to have development work done on Bluehole's end. Delivering CCBs in a different way is a more realistic short-term solution though we recognize you guys aren't totally satisfied with getting 4x 6-hour CCBs because of multiple characters/servers.

Do we replace Gold Boost with CCBs on the Elite bar? If so, do we then move Gold Boost to the consumable box? Gold Boost wasn't a big deal for a while, but in the current gear progression system would that solution be a bummer for people that are thirsty for more gold? Would it put a damper on those leveling brand new accounts? We'd like to hear your thoughts!
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