The New Heights update kicks off an epic new journey for TERA players!

Skywatch is coming to TERA—and it’s bringing a new level-cap increase, along with tougher BAMs, a skill-advancement system, gear fusion, a new system for daily dungeon entries…and an epic new threat to the world that will play out over the next several updates.

Level Cap Increase: 70
Because this level cap increase isn’t a simple matter of just changing the maximum level, the new level cap won’t be something that you are likely to hit in a few hours of play. Plan accordingly!
  • Be the first on your server to reach level 70 in your chosen class, and you’ll earn a “server first” achievement.
  • Your best opportunities to acquire significant XP (to maximize your leveling-up) include BAMs, dungeons, fishing, and crafting/gathering.
  • An added questline—"The Nightmare Begins"—will get you started advancing from level 65 to level 70, and help you earn new gear.

Tougher Open-World BAMs and Bosses
We’re changing how high-level BAMs spawn, to improve the experience of hunting monsters in the open world.
  • These BAMs have been updated to level 66–70, as part of the plan to help you reach the new level cap.
  • You’ll encounter most of these as part of the new questline—specifically in Essenian Crest, Val Aureum, Ex Prima, Balder’s Refuge, and Celestial Hills.
  • These BAMs will also drop loot that’s more meaningful to the leveling-up process—so expect more crafting and enchanting materials. (See “New Gear Slots,” below.)
  • Look for new daily quests similar to Vanguard Requests, but that can only be undertaken in the open world locations mentioned above. As you level up, more of these daily quests will become available to you. These quests will reward you with both leveling XP and skill advancement XP.
We’re also introducing more powerful open-world bosses to test your mettle. These bosses are bigger than normal (like the ones you find on the Island of Dawn), and they have special aura effects.
  • These bosses spawn at random times and at random locations (within the 65–70 leveling zones listed above, on Channel 1).
  • Anyone can participate in battling these bosses; you are not restricted by item level), and you can join the fight solo, or with a party.
  • Helping to defeat these bosses rewards you with leveling XP and skill advancement XP (see below).

Skill Advancement
The new level cap means that your skills will also get better—but rather than simply raising your skills one level, Skywatch introduces a new system called “Skill Advancement,” which lets you adjust how and how effectively your skills work.
This system lets you gradually improve skill performance and character stats, as well as select between optimizations to specialize your skills.
  • Advance one of your skills at level 66, 68 and 70:
    • Uses Skill Advancement Points and Skill Advancement Scrolls.
    • Increase the skill’s effectiveness up to 60 times.
  • Optimization at level 67 and 69: three Skill Advancement options become available.
    • Unlocking these costs gold and uses Skill Optimization Scrolls.
    • Once you unlock the options, you can freely switch between them at any time (except during combat). This allows you to select the skill option that best suits your current needs.
  • You get Skill Advancement Points from earning enough Skill Advancement XP.
  • You can earn Skill Advancement XP from defeating level 65 BAMs (and higher), completing Vanguard Requests, and so on.
  • Earn scrolls from daily quests and high-level dungeons.

Gear Fusion
This new system lets you combine two pieces of Frostmetal, Stormcry, or Heroic Oath gear to add additional gear options. You will need the target gear and the “fodder” gear. Combining the two will add some of fodder’s options to the target gear.
  • The target gear has a number of “fusion slots” based on what kind of gear it is:
    • Frostmetal—1 fusion slot
    • Stormcry—2 fusion slots
    • Heroic Oath—2 fusion slots
  • The fodder gear’s tooltip indicates whether it can be used as a fusion fodder or not. Depending on how many fusion options the target can take, some of the options on this fodder gear will be transferred to the target gear in the fusion process. Which of the fodder’s options are transferred are determined randomly.
  • Fodder gear is available from instances and open world content.

New Gear Slots
Skywatch adds two new gear slots: Halidoms and Relics. These slots unlock when your character reaches level 66, when you complete the new questline.
  • You can acquire halidoms and relics (ranging from uncommon to legendary) from dungeon bosses, and the new open-world BAMs and bosses.
  • You can upgrade both of these new gear items, up to Tier V (currently). Upgrading boosts their stats.

Adventure Coins
Skywatch revises the dungeon entry limit system by replacing daily entry count with a weekly entry count and replacing reset scrolls with Adventure Coins. In short, each time you enter a dungeon, it will consume some of your Adventure Coins.
The idea behind this system is to reduce the burden of daily dungeon entries that players encountered with the daily entry limit, and to allow you to play more of the dungeons you enjoy.
  • You can enter each dungeon up to 40 times (not including solo/leveling zone dungeons).
  • Your total Adventure Coins display right above your MP bar.
  • The number of Adventure Coins required to enter is different for each dungeon: Higher-tier dungeons (with greater rewards) require more coins to enter. This also means that lower-tier dungeons require fewer coins to allow players with low item levels to work on getting better gear.
  • Coin requirements are shown in Vanguard Request or dungeon matching UI.
  • Elite status increases your maximum coin limit, replenishment speed, and weekly entry limits.
  • Your coins replenish at a rate of 3 coins every three minutes, or 4 every three minutes for elite players. This occurs whether you are online or not.
  • If you still have dungeon reset scrolls in your inventory, you can sell them to merchants for gold.

Adjusted Elite Status Rewards
Because some of these systems affect the benefits of elite status, we have adjusted elite status rewards:
  • Added:
    • Additional 680 Adventure Coins
    • Boosted Adventure Coin replenishment rate
    • Permanent 20% Item XP Boost
    • Fish Delivery Max per day of +20
    • Fish Crate Delivery max per day of +2
  • Changed:
    • Trade Broker listing fee of 2%
    • Trade Broker “buy-it-now” fee of 10%
    • Perk Bar:
      • Changed 25% Item XP Boost to 100% XP Boost, with a 20-hour cooldown.
      • Changed 50% EP Boost to 2× 100% EP Boost, with a 24-hour (daily) cooldown.

Skywatch adds four new solo-version dungeon and three 7-player dungeon versions:
  • Lilith's Trial is a solo version of Lilith’s Keep, where you race the clock to fight your way through Lilith’s forces, and confront the vampiric noblewoman in her lair.
  • Bastion of Lok, Sinestral Manor, and Cultists' Refuge all now have a solo version, allowing players to experience the dungeon content without having to go through the process of instance matching.
  • Antaroth's Abyss, Grotto of Lost Souls, and Dark Reach Citadel now have 7-player versions.

Progression dungeons are now set to 3-person complexity, with no role restrictions.

Skywatch also marks the start of Achievement Season 10.