Patch Notes Live66.05—Fists of Velika—July 02, 2019 (English)

  • Players are now able to create human male brawlers.
  • Human female brawlers can use Gender Change Vouchers.

Level 22 characters can learn fishing through the quest Let's Go Fishing.
  • Get the quest from Waining in Crescentia.
  • To fish, use a lure and fishing rod near a fishery.
  • You can locate fisheries on the worldmap UI.
    • Muricai Fishery
    • Cutthroat Harbor Fishery
    • Lake of Tears Fishery
    • Vexatus Swamp Fishery
    • Celsian Lake Fishery
    • Seren's Lake Fishery
  • There are 3 kinds of fishing rods (Old, Xermetal, Ash Sapling); the latter two fishing rods can be upgraded to rank 8.
  • There are two kinds of lures—worms and bait. Each has 5 different ranks.
    • Players can hold up to 40 bait and up to 100 worms maximum.
    • For lures, the higher the rank is, the more chances to catch higher rank’s fish.
  • 42 different kinds of fish can be caught.
    • Fish include normal fish (Ranks 0–10), and Big-[filtered] fish [BAF].
    • BAFs give better rewards (higher delivery price).
  • Cooking and Delivery
    • Two new quests will teach level 22 players to either cook the fish or ways to package them up and deliver them to merchants.
    • Players can sell Fish and Fish Crates to Association Fishmongers (accepts fish) and Federation Resource Managers (for Fish crates) at any Fishery or major city.
    • Crates give better rewards.
    • Delivery lists change and your delivery count resets at 5 a.m. PDT (for NA), UTC (for EU), and JST (for Japan).

Gathering Changes
  • Made the recovery speed for gathering Production Points faster than before while online; recovery speeds while off-line are now a little slower.
  • Production points are now expended after gathering instead of when gathering starts.
  • Players can now gather any grade of material regardless of proficiency.
    • Instead higher proficiency increases the speed of gathering.
    • Now that all materials can be gathered anyway, removed Max Gathering proficiency.
  • Changed plant, ore, and essence as follows.

    Plant Harvesting
    • Harmony Grass
    • Cobseed
    • Veridia Root
    • Mushroom Cap
    • Moongourd Pulp
    • Apple

    Mining Proficiency
    • Plain Stone
    • Cobala Ore
    • Shadmetal Ore
    • Normetal Ore
    • Galborne Ore

    Energy-harnessing proficiency
    • Achromic Essence
    • Crimson Essence
    • Earth Essence
    • Xermental Ore
    • Azure Essence
    • Opal Essence
    • Obsidian Essence

  • Changed necklaces that affect gathering to now reduce gathering times.
    • Loremaster's Necklace
    • Resource Specialist's Choker
    • World Leader's Pendant
    • Swift Gatherer's Necklace
    • Rootstock Necklace (changed from 30%