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I found some errors @Spacecats :
"We changed two of Harrowhold’s achievements:
“Fire in the Hold”—Received Flame effect 50 times from Vergos in Harrowhold.
“Dust in the Wind”—Received Flame effect 50 times from Vergos in Harrowhold."

I assume the second one should be "Received Dust effect..."

"Vergos’s Bone, Vergos’s Horn, Vergos’s Scale, and Vergos’s Fang can be used to convert Deathwrack gear into a Oblit."
Shouldn't it rather be "into Oblit" or "into Oblit gear"?

The skill Growing Fury now increases the brawler’s Power by 45 (rather than 30). It also increases the Crit Factor to 50 (rather than 30), and MP consumption is now 250 (instead of 300)."

It reduces Fury consumption not MP consumption.

I wonder if we'll get correct Patch notes from EME one day. :no_mouth:

Thanks ToastandCheese, I'll pass those on to the product team to improve the notes.

Patch notes are up for the 7/11/2017 update: Dragonsire's Revenge!

This update will feature the return of Harrowhold (now a 20-person raid), Akeron's Inferno (Hard), and Bathysmal Rise (Hard). It will also feature new dual-stat armor, allowing players to customize their gear based on different combat situations!

The notes are here: http://tera.enmasse.com/news-page/patch-notes/patch-570302en3

The Dragonsire's Revenge page is here: http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/dragonsires-revenge
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