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they are live already in the Patch Notes subforum.
LancerJiva wrote: »
The patch notes say that reset scrolls will grant the ability to reset Ghilliglade and Baracos/Akasha's Trial. These dungeons were never resetable in the first place. Is this a typo or will the dungeons actually be resetable?

They are now, yes.
The dungeon specific reset scrolls will be distributed via other means that we are still working on.
A new thread has been created now that the patch notes are up. Please move discussion here:

Jerzy wrote: »
Patch notes will be out later today. They're probably finalizing everything

We are. There were a couple last minute clarifications to make in wording. Expect patch notes in the next 30 minutes or so.
Merged two similar threads to keep things tidy. Please don't create duplicate discussions. Thanks!
There are no patch notes for this week.
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