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I am waiting for confirmation, but last I heard that was something that had been resolved.
As we head into Open Beta, please be aware of the following :

Why am I not able to select my desired character name?
- If you are receiving a message stating your name is not allowed, it means there is a combination of letters in the name that are being blocked by our profanity filter. We understand that there are names that are being blocked that are not offensive, and we will be reviewing the list between open beta and full retail launch to prevent this from happening wherever possible. For open beta, however, it will not be possible to use any name that is currently being blocked.

I deleted my character and now I am not able to use their name on a new one!
- We are aware that deleting a character is not currently freeing their name up for use. Although this will not be addressed during the open beta, we will make every effort to have this corrected by the time the game goes into full release.
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