I currently have 3 level 65s - and working on my 4th (nothing compared to some of you, but I'm no slouch). So not sure where you get information that we don't play the game. I play every chance I get, so say hi to Dark.Gunny on CH if you get a chance.

Also, the streams aren't going away; as has been pointed out, we are currently looking for a CM to backfill the void left by Spacecats. Until then, Singlebear and I will do them when we can, but our time is filled working on getting v66, v67, v68, Fashion Coupon store updates (NOT GOING AWAY BTW), In game Events, BG calendar, item releases, product sales, dungeon highlights, Steam products, new starter packs, elite status updates, and about a million other things done. So please, believe me when I say we are not idly sitting around. We put in long hours and long weeks, but we are a small team and even one vacancy leaves a gap. Soon it will be filled and it will be back to normal and we'll all rejoice. Til then, patience, my young padawans.