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Dana63 wrote: »
How do you get the wings?

You just log in. They'll be waiting for you in Item Claim. If you log in during the weekends, you'll earn an additional set each weekend, for a total of five.
Trigg wrote: »
Can't wait to log in to check out these wings! Judging by the screenshot they look really nice, now you can be just like Mystel. :3

Semi related question about the gift exchange - "Some restrictions apply. Please reference the Fifth Anniversary—Celebration of Giving FAQ for more details and a full list of prizes." I can't find said FAQ. Or maybe I am blind. =3=

You are not blind. It wasn't there, but here it is. Sorry about that.
Accelion wrote: »
Killstyle wrote: »
Ugh, Elin is tops. Can't believe Baraka beat Femani though. But with 43.9% male characters made how can that not at least open some eyes. Female characters aren't blowing the male characters out of the water in creation.

The very(!) low numbers of the Female Amani kind of balances the popularity of the Elin out.
Also, the Baraka are a male exclusive race, so I another free 600k for them.

Did hit me though, as a femani player, that the count of them is so low. :/

They are, unfortunately, rare. Think of female amani as Limited Edition.
JJsMC wrote: »
i beat my [filtered] that those wings are 1000000% not permanent.

Pay up.
Lolitaa wrote: »
i can get a free pair for wings of each of my characters. i'm already happy enough with this.


They are soooo pretty.
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