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Kira98 wrote: ยป
Ya. Don't forget AAHM Bug's.
1. Class with agro reset like Archer, Sorc, Reaper, Priest can make Antaroth enter in r-etarded mode and stand like 20sec for free dps. This bug dont have end and 1 archer with double energetic + double cdr in weapon can do it infinity.
2. Antaroth practice Harakiri. When he enter in Manaya's Mode and do Red Magic in 2-8% He kills himself.

Tell BHS fix it pls. This make the game boring and absurd.
Just as an FYI, you're reporting a TERA PC issue, within the TERA Console General Discussion section.
Can you start a new Forum Thread within this section please ?
We're aware of the issue and Bluehole ( TERA's Developer ) has already found the root cause.

We think it's just going to require a client patch to fix (no maintenance/downtime) and we're working to get it out as fast as possible, targeting less than 24 hours.
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