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I think this Thread has run it's course...
To those effected, or have friends effected by the 02/26/2018 Spam Filter Forum Bans, please make a Ticket and we'll be happy to help walk you through the steps needed to not only recover the original Forum Profile, but also restore deleted Threads / Posts, if that occurred as well.
EPJD66KN4C wrote: »
It would appear that the one that necro'd some of the threads got jailed , and some of them that stated that him/her had done so got wiped from the forums , yep great rulz and executed with precision
I posted this in another section, but the response would apply here too :

For any of those effected player, I'd recommend making a Support Ticket, if you hadn't already.
We already saw a few reports of the Forum's Spam Filter applying disciplinary to Accounts, even going as far as deleting threads / posts by those profiles.
If you write in, we should be able to review the Forum Profile, and at the very least, remove the disciplinary action.
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