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Please avoid necromancy.
Xaera wrote: ยป
Sweet, looking forward to adding those in. Nice job! I'll also include the noctenium weapon information.

Since we can be pretty sure those are unique, I doubt we need pictures.

@Spacecats , I've been meaning to ask. Should we only bother finding names for the skins that are in EUTera and KTera? Or would we be able to get more should we want them and get their info?

Some of the item names are the weapons themselves rather than the cosmetic weapon skins. While that's still a bit useful, what will really help are the names of the skins as they appear in other regions (non-English names from jTERA/kTERA are better than translations).
I'm a little short on time at the moment but I just want to say this is absolutely amazing. Thank you guys for digging this up.
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