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Congratulations to our 3 big monthly winners!

Winner of 3rd prize (25,000 EMP):
Nemuui (CH)

Winner of 2nd prize (50,000 EMP):
Xoviar (CH)

Winner of 1st prize (100,000 EMP):
Tolerable (MT)

Excited for you all! :3
Congrats to the final daily and weekly winners! Tomorrow morning we will draw the monthly winners!!!! Good luck to all!!!
Congratulations to Heleh (CH) and Dark.Keyden.Eliza (FF) for winning the daily drawing! This is the final weekend to enter Mystel's Magical Mystery Mega-Drawing! Good luck in the hunt for the grand prizes!
This is the final week! Today we announced the winners from this weekend and the weekly winner, but this week will be the last week - you have until 11:59PM PST on Saturday, September 30th to get your entries in for the daily, weekly, and grand prize monthly rewards!
Congratulations to Mk.Ultra (TR) and Moon.Poe (TR) for winning the daily drawings! Don't forget that Mystel's Magical Mystery Mega Drawing has only ONE week left!

The weekend winners and the weekly winner will be drawn on 9/25! Have a great weekend!

We have an absolutely insane situation here: the same person, Expired.Twinkie (AV) won TWICE today! They were drawn randomly from two separate transactions (I'll add they were really far apart as well, just one hell of a lucky RNG) and made me triple check the logs and the numbers. But, as we said, each transaction counts, so here you go!

Congrats to Expired.Twinkie (AV) on winning TWO sets of daily prizes! So insanely lucky!
Congrats again to this weekend's winners and the weekly winner. Only 2 more weekly drawings left!
Weekend winners and weekly winner will be drawn on Monday!
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