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Hey, @CobaltDragon I hate bringing issues like this to you, but I don’t know who else to contact. I finally received my items from my dead server this morning. I did not receive my dyads which were in the gear I had transferred. And my gear was no longer %3 Masterworked(which I guess I can spend more gold on) but still. I have talked to multiple friends as of recent. They got dyads and their gold also did not count as an item. This is making my transfer very difficult as I have worked very hard to perfect my gear. The inconsistency in this process is unfair, simply based on which GM we receive and how they handle my our issue. Is there anything you can do about my dyads? There is know way I could farm them up on the new server in time for my HH runs.
For any issues that occur within a Support Ticket, it's best to simply update the Ticket / Support Agent, and politely mention a few things that you expected, that had not been completed.

That Agent should be able to read what you wrote, and proceed to fix the remaining issues as soon as possible.