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TR is coming back up now.
Paladious wrote: »
TR Just went DOWN again. all other servers say up but not tempest.

True. It was up for a few minutes and our Ops crew was watching closely. Unfortunately they aren't able to prevent full-on server crashes. They're working to get TR back up and running. All other servers appear to be back up and stable.
LesbianVi wrote: »
DesuBean wrote: »
We beat perimos last night and were holding the dungeon to run darkan today....

Hold it where? maybe that cause the crash :p

They were holding it... in the TERA server closet. When you make Darkan wait too long, he starts setting things on fire.
Looks like all servers are now down. Again, Ops is working to bring them back up as quickly as possible.
Please see the message at the top of the forums. We became aware of the outage moments after MT went down and the Ops crew is working to get everything back online.
We are and we're looking into right now.
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