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I know there's been a little confusion around this, and I apologize for not being more clear. While the biggest point in the forums was the tradability of the Marrow Brooch, the other item flags have been updated so that they match the in-game description. That does mean that the Marrow Brooch will not be bankable in the future, either.
Normally for something like this I'd let it get uncovered in the patch notes, but I know there have been some discussions on the forum about this, and there may be some people who have already set up transactions for after the next maintenance window.

As players have noted, the item description for the Marrow Brooch from Harrowhold says that it is not tradable, but in fact it is possible currently to do so. We've investigated this to make sure we follow the intended behavior for the item, and the correct behavior is that the Brooch should not be tradable. I expect this to be fixed during the next maintenance update on Tuesday morning (PST).
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