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Here revamp the 3v3 box, give it alkahest, feedstock, gems, resizers on a .5% chance. Or t4 etchings on a .1% chance. Give us some reason to pvp atm were left with nothing and all you say is wait. Wait for a month by then we will all quit and your pvp changes wont matter

They said they had some news coming out this week. Perhaps that will provide you the information you're looking for. Hopefully it gets announced similar to the way Deathwrack patch was announced.

this weeks news is another copy paste pile of [filtered], we've told you what we want yet you don't listen then wonder why tera dies? We want active bg, pvp events there is no point giving the same dead event for a whole month and it's a simple fix of turning on bg rewards so people can grind bg with some form of progression

If you check the date of the News Post, we didn't actually update it from last week's.
KitTeaCup mentioned the following on our EME Discord yesterday, but should have also include this info here within the Forums :

"Hi everyone! There's no This Week In TERA coming this week - HOWEVER!"

"We have huge news coming this week, so keep an eye out for our socials/newsposts this week!"