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DHATXNK4KM wrote: »
Can you comment on the rumor that old set bonuses are going to be removed with the coming of male brawler patch. Apparently it has been implemented in JTera, so would be nice to hear what EME thinks about that.

It's something that I still need to check myself before giving the full on confirmation, but right now, I am lead to believe that change is coming. It was in KTERA's patch Notes from yesterday, translated by @Idi0ticGenius here :

Set Bonuses from Gears and Accessories have been removed
This is just a General Maintenance with no big changes.

The one thing to note that will occur during Maintenance tomorrow would be this :

Added Champion's Enchanting Chest x1 and Ruby x2 as additional rewards to the following Vanguard Requests :
Corsairs' Stronghold - Win in Corsairs' Stronghold (not the pre-formed version)
Fraywind Canyon - Win in Fraywind Canyon
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