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Explanations for new hairstyles (from Tera EU) :

Use the "Meruma's Hairstyle" or "Meruma's Magic Hairstyle" voucher. You can trade Fashion Coupons for them or buy them in the TERA Shop.
Now you will see a preview of the seven hairstyles that are available for your character.
Click "Confirm". A hairstyle will then be chosen at random and a voucher removed from your inventory.
Meruma's Hairstyle (available for Fashion Coupons) immediately applies the new hairstyle. From that moment, you will be restyled and will have this hairstyle until you repeat the process or use a voucher to change your appearance.
Meruma's Magic Hairstyle (available in the TERA Shop) allows you to choose whether you want to apply the new hairstyle immediately or keep your current one. The voucher is used in either case.


Why wasn't this included in the post? Why do we have to keep getting information from other publishers and from those who translate information from KTera?

But other than that, I hope the UI optimization and revitalized loot tables will spice things up.

We have not yet announced how we will be selling and/or distributing the hair coupons. This will be announced separately.

New Class
Human Males can now be Brawlers.

Increased the maximum number of Character Slots from 18 to 19.

Race Change Vouchers and Gender Change Vouchers cannot currently be used to change Female Brawlers into Male Brawlers.

See the Brawler Page for more information.


Ruinous Manor (Normal/Hard)
The Ruinous Manor dungeon is back, with some balance adjustments:
  • Players can queue for hard mode with item level 446; normal with item level 439.
  • Added Elemental Essence and Wall of Souls Fragments to the loot table.

Thaumetal Refinery (Hard)
  • We made a balance adjustment to the first three bosses.
  • Revised loot table.

Revised loot tables for other dungeons:
  • Thaumetal Refinery
  • Lilith’s Keep (Hard)
  • RK-9 Kennel
  • Sky Cruiser Endeavor
  • Broken Prison

Class Balancing

  • Burning Heart only deals 1 strike’s worth of damage.
  • Burning Heart damage increased 3× to compensate.

  • Rising Fury only gives 1 edge no matter how many targets are hit.
  • Added Lingering Traverse Cut glyph to increase effect durations for party members.
  • Reduced glyph cost of Lingering Traverse Cut glyph that affects self only from 2 to 1.


PvP Leaderboards
  • There’s a new icon on main menu; or use (ALT+L) shortcut to access.
  • Covers Fraywind Canyon, Corsairs’ Stronghold, and Champions’ Skyring.
  • Must compete in 5 or more battlegrounds in a season to check your current ranking for that battleground.
  • Rankings will reset with this update.
Hat Stylers
  • Added a Restyle Hat function in the Dressing Room.
  • Saving changes for restyled hats consumes a Hat Styler item.
  • Specialty Store Merchants now sell Hat Stylers to allow you to change size, position, and angle of hats.

Added confirmations for when you use a superior (gold) rarity skill book or design.

Optimized UI to improve frame rate in dungeons and open world.

Added a notification to players above level 30 if a crystal slot is empty.

Gear Enchantment and Upgrade
  • We significantly reduced the amount of Gold, Golden Talents, and Silver Talents required, while increasing the amounts of other materials required to enchant and upgrade.

  • Increased gold rewards for Corsairs’ Stronghold and Fraywind Canyon.
  • Updated some early story quest flows.
  • Players can now fly from Velika to Crescentia at level 10 and to Lumbertown at level 13.
  • Added Rally BAMs to Civil Unrest: Velika.
  • Removed set effects from accessories and gear.

Bug Fixes
  • Various localization fixes.
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