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Zoknahal wrote: »
In all honesty, an updated character creation window would bring TONS of players, new and returning. Just add body sliders and much more customization options, like ability to mix and match ears, tails, and hairstyle for elins. Same for castanic, and more horn types for amani male, more hairstyles and makeup options for femani, the list goes on.

I'm curious why you think body sliders and more customization options would bring in tons of new players. Can you elaborate? Presumably a new player would have no idea what the preexisting customization options were, so they would all be new to them anyway.
Laethys wrote: »
I don't get an optimization issues, I would say Trying out an open PvP server with many incentives on Guild Wars and PvEvP World Boss fights. I would also say a full expansion with 5 new levels and maybe a portal to another dimension to maybe the Argon dimension? I think something like 10 player Trials (something shorter than a raid could be fun.) Lastly, Housing with badass/cute decorations and furniture!

I'd love to see where the Argons really come from. I've always imagined it looked like what they turned Argonea into, but what if it was a completely abstract dimension. If all of TERA is a dream, what if Argon dimension is a nightmare?
Removed political reference from thread title.
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